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Curious, confused, conflicted? Seeking specialized training in a private setting? Couples and individuals are welcome to contact me for further information about training sessions or BDSM lifestyle education.

Looking for something more real than 50 Shades fantasies? I offer training services for novices looking to learn about BDSM in a safe and supportive atmosphere. I teach beginner techniques that allow you to explore power exhange and erotic dominance without moving beyond your comfort zone. If the idea of learning in a dungeon environment overwhelms you, I have a comfortable office setting for consultations as well.

For people with extensive experience, I offer advanced hands-on training in techniques customized to your areas of expertise. My fully equipped dungeon facility can be your classroom, enabling partners to test out my enormous array of equipment without the expense of purchasing dozens of new toys that may not be suitable to your tastes.

I have extensive graduate school training and over a decade of experience in the BDSM lifestyle. I hold a PhD in a social science field, granted from an Ivy League University. My dissertation research focused on gender, sexuality, power, and communication. I love sharing my knowledge with like-minded individuals who are ready to explore and grow with my guidance.



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